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Go modern or classic with circle patterns for home décor, as seen at Atlanta Market

May 28, 2012

Henderson homeowners, circles are the shape of the season! With rounded edges, soft curves, and a sleek, single line, a circle pattern can easily become either classic or contemporary. It’s all in what you want for your home!

When Henderson interior decorator Christine Ringenbach visited this month’s Atlanta Market, she saw a trend of graphic-designed prints, like peacock feathers and dainty birds, on décor pieces for every room in the house. This season’s circle patterns are no exception.

“Circles [are] continuing the trend of graphic designing,” she said. “Some art goes bold with chunky swirls while some has a softer, more classic line.”

With circular prints and patterns for both soft and bold designs in home décor, this season’s homeowners continue to have access to all the trends, no matter their personal styles. Through this freedom, Ringenbach also recommends homeowners look to create visual interest with their design decisions.

“Look for circles not only in artwork, rugs and fabrics, but [also] structurally, in furniture design and in the base of lamps,” Ringenbach said.

For ideas and inspiration to use circles in home interior decorating, take a look at these photos and read their descriptions. Then start to consider which approach would best fit your style as you consider how to update your current interior décor.

 Classic Style

For classic pieces, include symmetrical circles as subtle accents in the structure of furniture, lamp bases, and decorative pieces.

 Traditional Style

For traditional styles, embrace the rosette. It’s a circular pattern with romantic panache that pairs well with soft colors.

Toss Pillow with Rosettes

Modern Style

For a bold approach, find a colorful piece of wall art with circular shapes, abstract inspiration, and rich warm tones.

Wall Art with Bold Colors

 Eclectic Style

For eclectic modernity, opt for an area rug that proudly displays its bright nature with circles of varied shapes, shades, and sizes.

Area Rug with Bright Circles

 Contemporary Style

For contemporary looks with design interest and a calm nature, select canvas wall art with circles in muted tones or design a well-painted accent wall.

Wall paint with circle patterns

Homeowners, if you’d like to soften the edges of your home décor with this season’s signature shape, then contact interior decorator Christine Ringenbach at 702-914-3741 and schedule a complimentary design consultation. Whatever your style, you’ll soon discover the professional possibilities to create and update your home’s interior design!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

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